Saturday, January 16, 2010

I need to keep up with this

So, over the last few weeks there have been countless times when I've known what I wanted to write about:
1. trigger words in my classroom---"trigger" being anything that causes folks to chuckle---for instance, any body part (penis, breast, etc.)---plus i have a picture some kids posted on facebook---yikes
2. running and how hard/enjoyable it can be
3. why my kids always must be in physical proximity to me, always when it's the most inconvenient for me
4. fantastic books
5. how i'm so stretched by the time jamie returns home each week
6. why folks get soooo excited every off-season for the Redskins----when we all know next season will be rough, and mediocre
7. gilbert arenas --- idiot, but not a total loss
8. pat robertson and rush limbaugh --- idiots, heartless, losers
9. folks who believe what pat and rush say makes sense
10. any number of things

Yet, all I can think about is Haiti---and how anything I might write right now seems completely trivial and ridiculous. Even now all I can see in my mind is dust, piles and piles of people, people looking for people, rubble, rubble, and more rubble, pain, tears.
I can't wrap my mind around this current madness. My heart breaks for Haiti.


  1. Force it. Force it. Sometimes, like running, you've got to make yourself write. You'll always be happy that you did it... or at least will no longer be unhappy that you haven't.

  2. Haiti is one of those things that distract us from the quotidian problems in our daily lives. You're not alone.

  3. I just can't wrap my mind around Haiti, in spite of all the coverage in the Baltimore Sun and Time and all the drive-time radio coverage. It's just so bad that it's hard to believe it's real.

    I have a few friends (former students) who are involved with it. One is a public affairs officer aboard Vinson, so she's right in the middle of the loop. Even though she's a professional mouthpiece, she too finds it hard to communicate the degree of devastation.