Saturday, January 2, 2010


"It's not messy, Mom," said Conor.

We are sitting at the kitchen table and both Conor and Kendall are involved in a "project". Both kids are busy with some stickers and paper. And he is indeed correct in proclaiming that this activity is not messy. This is likely the only part of the house and in fact the day, that is not messy.

How is that I've had over a week off and my house is an absolute mess? Maybe it's because the holiday began with about 14 inches of snow, followed by some pretty frigid, windy, wintery days. As a result we've spent a great deal of time in our lovely house.

But now there are piles everywhere I look: piles of clothes to be folded; piles of clothes that are folded and need to be put away; piles of mail to go through; piles of Christmas cards to be thrown away (Isn't that what you do with cards? Does anyone really save them? If so, please tell me why.); piles of new toys who need a tidy home; piles of newspapers that need recycling; shoes piled near the garage door; a pile of mittens, gloves, and hats near the coats that aren't exactly piled (but might as well be) but rather hung on the door knob near all the other clothing; piles of random items that have yet to make there way to the various junk drawers or baskets which normally house these oft used items (or maybe not so often used, as they take residence in one of these localities and only resurface occasionally); thankfully there are NO dishes piled in the sink as my OCD tendencies usually lead me to get them rinsed and loaded in the d/w rather quickly; a pile of clothing or upstairs items sitting at the bottom of the staircase to remind me to move them upstairs when I go there; these items will invariably find themselves in a pile somewhere; possibly near the items piled or rather arranged on my side of the vanity in the bathroom; or in the pile of clothes overflowing from the endless pit in the clothes hamper; a book or two added to the stack we've recently borrowed from the library.

Is there a way to clear this clutter from my life? Or is the clutter because of my life?


  1. Congrats on taking the leap! I hope you find the act of blogging, which is really just manifesting your thoughts onto some sort of physical space, a rewarding experience. At the very least, it's mean YOU'RE THINKING... which is never bad in my book.

    Three things...
    a) Are you sure you're not living in MY house. The things you wrote about sound curiously like my own.

    b) I'm looking forward to the post about the fingernails.

    c) ... and the live modeling you did in college.

  2. I remember the days of the nerverending, self-propagating, house-enveloping mess. That's what you call having young children. I know it's a cliché, but this, too, shall pass—the good and the bad. They won't always be this age or stage, and neither will your house. They're more likely to remember, and appreciate, the sticker project than a clean house.

  3. You ask, "Is there a way to clear this clutter from my life?"

    "Yes, there is," I answer.

    What you do is start collecting cardboard boxes. Consider visiting your local liquor store and asking for some empty boxes.

    Then you put the clutter into the boxes and store them in your garage.

    The day will come when you move to a new house. All the clutter will be conveniently boxed for the move. You'll feel good about yourself when you notice this.

    Other items, boxed for the move, will join the old boxes in the new garage. They will sit happily, requiring nothing but a few cubic feet.

    Occasionally you may look through them. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

    Eventually, you will go the way of all flesh. Kendall and Conor will deal with all of it then. Just imagine what they might thing....

  4. ugggh!!! our house looks like that too!! we basically wreak havoc on any room we're in.

    But still not giving up hope that once we've found a place for everything, it'll be a little easier. (But then you have another holiday or bday or a particularly busy week and it's trashed again!!)