Thursday, April 29, 2010

15 Weeks and Counting

As I stand by my door
Between class,
I look at all the kids whizzing by
and I wonder who you'll be.
Will you be
The girl who is always on her own;
or the one with guts enough to wear neon orange?
Or will you wear what everyone else decides is appropriate?
Will you yell at your friends to wait up,
or will you lead the pack?
Or hang out right smack in the middle, quietly?
Will you be the one who curses because it makes you sound tough?
Will you smoke cigarettes and then blame it on your "friend"?
Will you cut class,
Talk back to a teacher,
Or will you be kind
Get your homework done
and raise your hand to offer your thoughts
right or wrong?
Or will you be the boy
who trades the last weeks of summer
for a water bottle, cleats and an angry coach?
Or lace on some running shoes?
Jump high towards a net or with pom poms or
Sway to the beat or stomp your feet?
Or will you want to play guitar
Or get your hands dirty with some paint?
You could do a little bit of it all,
if you wanted.
If you weren't afraid of what others might think.
Will you worry about that?
Doesn't everyone worry about it, though,
Just a bit, even if they claim they don't.
Will you show your teeth when you smile?
Or will your smile look more like a frown?
Will your eyes be shiny and bright?
Will your laugh be loud and uncontrollable?
Or will you stifle your feelings behind a scowl?
Will you lie to your friends, to me, to yourself?
Will you let someone take advantage of you?
Or will you be the bully
and make someone else cry
all in a vain attempt to feel
somehow . . . better?
Might you be a little bit of all?
All the time.
Whatever you become
Know that I will
Sing to you,
Help you,
And sometimes hurt you, even.
But all the while
My heart will break for you
my heart will burst for you.
You, your brother, your sister will be
my life's work


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